Dom Neill / Visual designer.


This is where I keep all the things I've made just for fun.

Desktop backgrounds

A collection of images for use as desktop backgrounds. Basically what it says on the tin.

Apple product posters

Design may also be about how it works, but Apple products are still super pretty. So I made some posters featuring my favourites from this year.

Apple TV Screensavers

A collection of videos designed for use as screensavers on Apple TV (4th Generation).


A Safari extension that makes a certain ugly website look a little more... nice!

UI mockups

Some people doodle; I mock up apps and user interfaces.


Because still images can get boring.

Everything Wrong with Sainsbury's Self-Checkout

Sainsbury's self-checkout is rubbish, and apparently I'm not the only one that thinks so.


Sometimes I write about things that interest me, inspire me, or just irritate me. You can read about them here.